Friday, May 18, 2007

A few Things You Need

Modern Jerky making uses our current technology to improve upon the process, make it safer, and speed up the whole process. Most of us also prefer to flavor our Jerky rather than simply salt it. In this step by step tutorial, we will be using the process suggested by the Morton Salt Company, using one of their products called Tender Quick which is used to cure raw meats, preventing the cultivation of harmful bacteria. Pictured is the booklet available from Morton Salt Company with instructions for curing many different kinds of meats. I highly recommend that you go to Morton's website and purchase the Meat Curing Booklet to learn how to safely cure meats. We will be following the instructions and recipe for Beef Jerky in the book. You will also want to locate additional spice recipes to use with the Tender Quick. This is one of the advantages of making your own Jerky; you can try out various flavors. You may need some of the spices and liquid flavorings shown in the picture, of course depending on the recipe you choose to try out. Search around the internet, there are literally hundreds of Jerky marinade recipes to choose from.

You will need a minimum of kitchen tools, primarily a sharp knife and a cutting board or a surface upon which you can slice the meats, and keep things organized and clean.

We will be using a multi-tray electric dehydrator. They are relatively inexpensive and can dehydrate many other foodstuffs besides our Beef Jerky. Search for one that allows you to clean the trays in your automatic dishwasher. The dishwasher is a safe way to maintain cleanliness and food safety. Plus it’s a lot easier than hand washing all those little surfaces.

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